You have been seeing more not-so-bad copies of Eames office chair classic designs. There is no denying fact that they cannot be compared to the original thing or that they are of exactly same quality, certainly not. But for someone who is on a tight budget and does not want to rob a bank to buy a chair, we have a place for an amazing Eames executive office chair replica that one can buy as there is a much difference in price.

Here are some Eames executive office chairs chosen by us.

1- Eames Style Office Chair with High Back in Walnut

Eames style office chair is suitable to place in your office as a worthy accent to your desk or to utilize it along with your accent table. Enjoy a supremely comfy Eames office chair experience with this ergonomic chair. The material used is walnut plywood, leather, and aluminum base. It weighs about 30kg and can be easily cleaned by leather cleaner.

2- Eames Office Chair in White

Eames office chairs have a different design than other traditional furniture. It created a whole new way of thinking by stretching the cover over an ergonomic aluminum frame. Eames executive office chair replica looks so great. It is light, elegant, and stylish, which is why it is widely applauded as a design classic.

3- Eames Executive Lobby Office Chair in Brown

It is an executive lobby chair that has all the requirements: it is comfortable, ergonomic, and has height regulator. It is a classic chair with an agile and minimalist design. The front of the armchair is upholstered by top quality leather and it has a comfortable back.

How to Choose the Best Eames Replica


As discussed earlier, not everyone has the massive budget to buy replicas is almost equal price to that of original. A good quality replica starting from $600 is the cheapest full leather option in this price. However, if you want to spend more then the finest quality comes in $1000. The difference in price is mirrored in the finer details such as plywood quality, veneer finish, leather quality and the thickness of foam filling


The original Eames office chair is made up of 3 distinct molded plywood shells. These plywood sheets are layered, glued, and then heated to the specific temperature so that the wood is molded into the required. The best Eames office chair replica in Satonia is prepared exactly the same way. However, if the quality of plywood is poor, a new layer should be added to strengthening.


Just like the original Eames office chair, replicas have decent foam-filled cushions for comfort. The best type of foam is the original cell phone, some manufactures are installing stiffer PU injected foam for extra comfy but that is of inferior quality. Although many replicas are now in open cell foam but you have to be careful. Also, the Eames office chair has the ability to unhook the cushions from its shells while the cheaper replicas have fixed cushions that makes it almost impossible to upholster cushions with time.