Using natural, untreated wood furnishings has become the new minimalism. With this trend, the possibility is endless due to its versatility. Natural, untreated wood gives off a timeless and relaxed look, which pairs well with essentially all interior design styles. Below we will recommend three different chairs from the famous designer Hans Wegner to help you take your first step into the natural wood trend.


  1. Hans Wegner Kennedy Chair

The Hans Wegner Kennedy chair has a classic design crafted from high quality wood. It’s known as the Kennedy chair because it was chosen by JFK to sit in during the presidential debates for its comfort. Available in light oak, walnut and rosewood, this timeless piece is sure worth investing in.


  1. Hans Wegner CH23 Dining Chair

Best seller ever since its debut in the 1950s, the Hans Wegner CH23 Dining chair has become one of the most well-known chairs of the collection. The unique woven paper cord seating brings a more relaxed and rustic vibe to the living space.


  1. Hans Wegner CH07 Shell Chair

Renowned for its comfort and curved shape, the shell chair is sure to grab people’s attention and bring a modern flair to any home.