Do you need to decorate your home? Are you looking for new furniture but don't want to spend a ton of money on modern designs that won't last? One great online store for furniture reproduction is, where we have furniture reproduction pieces from all different eras, including Victorian, Art Deco, Retro Modernism, and more! If you want quality furniture at an affordable price, Satonia is your best resource for furniture reproduction online. With our wide selection of high-quality satonia furniture at great prices, we can help make your dream home feel like a natural home! Whether it's an accent chair or coffee table, there's sure to be something perfect for every room in your new place.


Satonia – The best online store for furniture reproduction


When you talk about the best online store for furniture reproduction, satonia got you covered. You can rest assured that we have something special to complement your home. There are many types of furniture to choose from, ranging from the Eames chair to the Barcelona chair to reproductives that can be matched to the modern home to the traditional home or a casual apartment. We have the best reproductive and antique furniture that complements each other perfectly. Satonia is a leading online platform known for high-end furniture as well as vintage and antique pieces. The prices are reasonable, and the items are of high quality.


Why satonia is the best online store for furniture reproduction


Because Satonia has an extensive collection of antique furniture, beautiful chairs, and tables, has been selling reproduction mid century modern furniture and replacement parts online since 2017. The Barcelona chair, the Eames dining chairs, the egg chairs, and much more can all be found in our collection.


Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair


The Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair Replica is one of the most recognizable pieces in design history, designed by him in 1958. The style has been described as "stunning" and affordable, with its soft curves making up its classic frameless design that can be found anywhere from your living room to bedroom space! We are now offering a replica of the Arne Jacobsen chair at an affordable price at Satonia.


Hans Wegner Chair


The design of the CH23 Chair first saw the light of day in 1950 as part of its five pieces created by Hans Wegner. A wooden dining chair that has been one of the vaulted's best-sellers since it was released, showcasing his unique style and insightful craftsmanship to produce an unsurpassed comfort without armrests which make this practical fitting around any table, be it large or small rooms because they are so simple yet still elegant with superb details put into construction like how smoothly their white upholstery slides across your skin when you sit down on them! Now Satonia is offering a replica of the Hans Wegner chair at an affordable price.


Eames lounge chair 

The Eames chair remains unchanged over half a century after its invention. This is what makes it a classic. A good Eames lounge chair is made of leather and mold wood. A replica of the Eames lounge chair is now available for affordable prices in Satonia.