An icon of design, the Imola chair features stunning features and elegant curves that make it one of the most attractive chairs in the world. Stylish and comfortable, this Imola chair is the perfect addition to any home. Because of this, most buyers love it. Like most customers, if you plan to buy this chair, you may be confused between buying the original one or a replica. Let's take a look at why a replica is the best choice.

  • Replicas are not fake

Everything about the replica will be the same as the original. Polyester Upholstery Material paired with a polished nickel metal swivel base with almost the same height, width and depth.  It gives the same aesthetics and feels equally comfortable. So why bother with the original?

  • Wallet-friendly

Often, furniture pieces that are iconic are copied because of their high price. Imola is renowned for its elegant and comfortable design and clean lines. These features cost about $3,900 and are made only by a few highly skilled artisans. It would be amazing to own an original, but not everyone wants to spend almost $4,000 on a chair.  There is no need to shell out $3,900 for the feel and look. There are some pretty good replicas with the same large footprint and striking curves but are a bit more affordable.

  • Available at the furniture store nearby

In any city, you can locate a replica of Imola at your desired price at any furniture store near your house. Most Imola chairs are made by European artists because they are the most common in Europe, so you are less likely to find them in any other city. It gets even worse if you do not come from Europe.

  • Adjustable for single and small places

Sometimes the decision to consider or purchase a imola chair replica is not driven by budget, but rather by the limitations of the space. A piece of the original design won't necessarily be a perfect size. Large in size and with a huge sized design, the Imola chair provides comfortable sitting and allows the body to rest. Its size makes it suitable for wide spaces such as big rooms and does not easily fit into small ones. A normal Imola comes with a size up to 39.6” H x 30.24” W x 32” D. This problem doubles when the chair is a BoConcept Imola that swivels. Replicas come in different lengths and widths so you can choose one according to your living space.

  • Added features

Imola has its origins in the mid-20th century so the original ones are very classic. However, the new chairs come with some additional features that are tailored to the buyers' needs and fashions. A playful yet luxuriously comfortable design is the hallmark here. Organic lines have been tightened to fit today's pure design.  As opposed to the original leather, you can choose whatever you want on the seat. Quality replicas of these chairs are the perfect choice for allergy or asthma sufferers since they don't contain any padding or filling that could hold allergens.