Eames, Barcelona, and Arne Jacobsen are furniture designers who marked the 20th century with their work. It turned out to be successful at the time, but today proves even more fascinating. The success of these furniture projects (Eames Chairs, Egg Chairs) is still explained today by the unique and avant-garde shape and the fact that the designers unboxed and updated themselves in time. Even with great success in the next century (like sculptures and paintings), it seems to transcend centuries from furniture design.

These are just a few of the seats that have marked the international design of furniture. Some designers have shown interest, and the combination of modern materials and unique shapes have begun to offer these chairs at a reasonable price for everyone to adore. Contrary to fashion trends (because the clothing collection changes from year to year), these chairs last longer because of state-of-the-art design and thinking. Overall, these designer chairs are worth two things:

  • One is the utility
  • The other is the design of the arrangement.

And the third value, the collector's work, is not ignored at all, but it becomes more valuable over time. And the seat can be considered a work of art. Therefore, besides paintings hanging on the wall, you have to think about what you can put in front of them.

Eames lounge chair:

When the company introduced the set in 1956, it wasn't the same, and there's no match yet. Attached to a 19th-century club chair, the modern version of Eames lounge chair has not only lasted more than 50 years but has become one of the essential pieces of designer furniture trend of the 21st century. Due to their unique features, they become quickly recognizable and forever fresh. Today, these works live in museums and continue to bring comfort and style to interiors around the world. 

Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona chair was first time designed for the German Pavilion, the German exhibition at the 1929 Barcelona World Fair. This design results from a collaboration between renowned Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and his longtime partner, architect and designer Lily Reich. Contribution 90 years ago, the design of chairs still resonated with design prejudices and can be found in homes and offices. They have been revived and adored throughout the world due to their antique design. The iconic design of Barcelona's chairs, a symbol of modernism, is inspired by the ancient countryside and hotel lobbies worldwide.

Arne Jacobsen egg chair

The term "egg chair" is precisely the same shape as an egg but is reminiscent of the mid-century image of an elegant, round pedestal seat with a padded cavity in the centre. It was perhaps inhabited by a chic space-era mod wearing Pierre Cardin.

However, the egg-shaped chair you envision can be very different from the current official Egg ™ chair. Two leading candidates are claiming the title of "egg chair". The first is a branded version designed by Arne Jacobsen. The second is the Ovalier Egg Chair, designed by Henrik Toll Larsen, who became the archetype of pop culture thanks to the movie "Men in Black".

Arne Jacobsen egg chair has a smooth, rounded oval back and leads to a winged organic armchair that embraces the occupant. It certainly has an egg curve from some angle, but it's a flexible interpretation of the shape-the chair also owes some of its features to the classic winged back chair.