You may have come across Eames chairs but may not have realized the value these beauties hold. Charles Eames and Ray have been known for creating luxury and ergonomic chairs since 1956, be it office chairs or lounge chairs. 

They have created some classic and iconic marvels that have taken the industry by an edge. Let’s have a look at the top three chairs in the Eames collection that you may want to buy for your home or office. 

Eames Lounge Chair 

With an iconic design and a timeless look, Eames Lounge Chair is a modern take on the 19th-century English club chair. The chair features a distinctive recliner design with a blend of luxurious leather material and deluxe wood accents. It is in fact the most cherished furniture created by Charles and Ray Eames when it comes to luxury, comfort, and historic value. 

Eames Lounge Chair contains seven layers of plywood that not only make the chair look timeless but also offer extended durability. Full-grain leather ensures the right comfort and added luxury, and the aluminum base provides flawless support. The reflection of the old catcher’s mitt in unhurried surfaces of the chair makes the style look timeless. The chair is reclined, rounded, and comfortable; sit on it and you’ll feel hugged. 

In addition to this, Eames Lounge Chair comes with a matching ottoman made of plywood and leather top and aluminum base. You get the furniture in multiple versions such as white, rosewood, walnut, and brown to complement a range of interiors.  

Eames Office Chair 

There aren’t many office chairs that offer luxury, style, and comfort at the same time. But the stylistic versatility of the Eames Office Chair makes it an ergonomic chair with distinctive features since 1960. The chair is lightweight, compact, sturdy, and comes with a swivel base. 

With the clouds of thick leather upholstery lining a sturdy aluminum frame, the chair offers the comfort you need for prolonged sitting. The chair offers exceptional lumbar support and the deep padded arms offer extra luxury, allowing you to comfortably sit in it for extended hours. Moreover, you can easily adjust the chair to your liking.  

Eames Office Chair is available in a range of beautiful leather colors to match your office’s interior. 

Lobby Es104 Lobby Office Chair

Another classic design by Charles and Ray Eames that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also comes with a range of advanced features and unmatched comfort. 

The thick, soft leather chair with supple rounded padded arms will make you feel hugged when you’re seated in the chair. The leather perfectly sits near the buttons on the back of the chair, giving a rippling effect.  

The minimalist aluminum swivel base allows tilt and 360-degree rotation, and the upright lock function allows you to customize the chair for maximum comfort. Recline in the chair after a hectic desk job without worrying about brackets to drop away. 

The best thing about Lobby Es104 Office Chair is that you get a choice of black or brown leather to match your office desk and interior. 

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So now say goodbye to old, cringy chairs that constantly jam and make you uncomfortable when seated in them. If you’re looking for a luxury lounge chair or a comfortable and stylish office chair, then Eames is the best choice for you. Check our collection of Eames chairs here and get one for your home or office right now.