Black Barcelona chair is one of the most iconic mid-century chairs. One of many examples of the designer's iconic phrase "less is more" can be found in this chair.  As a work of art created especially for a royal family reunion, this furniture piece was never intended for mass production and reproduction. It is, however, available in many replicas. Here are 6 most important reasons to stay away from these Barcelona chair replicas:

1. The replica will not have the same aesthetic and expression

Black Barcelona chairs are renowned for their royal history and are both classic and romantic. This is probably the most important reason why it is such a unique and iconic piece of furniture. A lookalike of the Barcelona chair will inevitably lose this element. Your living space will be enriched by the view of the Barcelona chair, which is an item of heritage and nobility. This alone should be reason enough to not buy Barcelona chair reproduction.

2. The replica will compromise over the quality of the stuff

All the materials in the Barcelona chairs are very high-quality, from the leather to the buttons. Is it possible for the retailer to sell three or four hundred pounds for a quality Barcelona chair? No. There is no doubt that the black Barcelona chair was manufactured with many corners cut and cheap foam. Cheap leather, not covering all sides of the cushion, hollow steel frame made from low-grade steel have been used to save money. It makes the chair uncomfortable and unattractive.

3. You will get caught

Obviously, you have the chairs to impress your clients in your office space. Just imagine if the colour of the leather on your chair is faded or the chair does not give the real comfortable experience, you will feel a little embracement and you will lose your reputation in a while. The Barcelona chair replica is very famous so anyone can easily identify about its originality.



4. Barcelona chair replica will make you pay repeatedly

Low-cost stuff will not be of any quality and will soon deteriorate. The steel stand may rust, or the cleaning stuff may not work on the cheap leather, or the color of the seat may fade. In any case, you will have to spend more money and time. 

5. High-quality furniture ages gracefully rather than poorly built furniture

There are no guarantees with cheap and fake stuff. Black Barcelona chairs with quality stuff can last more than 10 years, and sometimes even longer. In our experience, chairs with low-end features begin to deteriorate within 7months. This is where quality begins to decline. The use of breathable and wear-resistant fabrics, ergonomic foams, steel structures, and other quality materials make professional chairs far more durable than economy chairs.

6. The dummy Barcelona chairs are not water and stain resistant

Barcelona chairs are made to resist water, stains, dust, and other weather conditions because they are rare and iconic. The chair's quality material makes it easy to clean if you spill ketchup or Coca-Cola on it. The replica stuff is neither waterproof nor stain-resistant, and it can be heavily affected by weather conditions.

What is your opinion of reproduction Barcelona chairs? What is your experience with replicas? Have you ever purchased one or encountered one?